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Dr. Turabi MazharAbbas deals with the Patients with hydrocephalus who have an excessive amount of CSF (a fluid-containing cavity within the brain) in the ventricles or the subarachnoid spaces.


A fluid called cerebrospinal fluid covers the brain and spinal cord. The fluid inside the brain's ventricles circulates constantly.


It performs many vital functions: it serves as a "shock absorber" for the brain and spinal cord, transporting nutrients and eliminating waste; it is also a vehicle to convey stress to the brain and remove it.

Hydrocephalus may develop due to an increase in the fluid's production, a reduction in the amount of fluid absorbed, or from obstruction to normal CSF flow.


In most cases, hydrocephalus occurs in babies and older people, although it may develop at any age.

Hydrocephalus causes pressure in brain to increase and can be fatal. However you need not worry as it can be treated with ventricular shunts to divert excess csf. Also Endoscopic procedure like ETV can be performed in select cases.

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